We have kept dairy goats for two years.  I am currently milking 3 does, once per day, for a gain of approximately 6L of milk per day.  In order to store all this milk for the Winter months, when milk levels drop off significantly, I am converting much of the milk into cheese.  This has been a very steep learning curve in the art of cheese making!

Meet the Girls

Judith is a 9 year old British Alpine doe.  She was our first ever milking goat.  She has been a fabulous teacher, and is greatly loved!  Judith has not had kids for over 4 years, but true to breed, keeps producing a good quantity of gorgeous milk every day for our family’s needs 🙂

Judith, the day we collected her

Judith May, after a year or so in our tender care!

Annabelle is a 3 year old Saanen/Toggenburg Cross.  She is currently on her second lactation.  I did not milk her during her first lactation, as she was quite difficult for me, a beginner, to milk.  Firstly, she seemed to hate it, and secondly, her teats were small and difficult to milk.  Her milk also tasted quite terrible at that time 😛  This time around I was determined to teach her the ins and outs of milking, just as Judith taught me! lol  With garlic therapy, we have managed to turn Annabelle’s milk into sweet tasting liquid gold, which hints that a slight mastitis infection might have been present previously.  Annabelle is very sweet in the milking stand now, and has graduated, just last night, to being milked without a leg rope!

Annabelle arriving at Baringa Park

Pregnant Annabelle Mary

Violet, is another British Alpine doe.  She is approximately 5 years old, but as we do not really know her history, do not know if this is a second lactation, or later.  She has lovely soft teats for easy milking.  I once told DH that, “You just have to look at Violet’s udder, and the milk comes out!”  She is also a dear, sweet girl, and no trouble at all in the milking stand.  This is very important to me, as I once owned a cow that was so scary, I had sworn off milking for life.  Judith changed all that;  she changed my life and when I count my blessings, I do always count her twice! ❤

Violet’s first day, with Bellamy James

Miss Violet Rose