During Summer and Autumn there is an abundance of milk; far more than a household can drink!  The challenge becomes how to store the milk for lean times, such as during Winter.  In this modern age, freezing is one option, although the freezer quickly becomes filled with plastic 2L milk bottles.

Goat milk soap

When I have an abundance of lard or tallow, I like to make goat milk soap.  Not much milk is required per batch though, so I needed another method of preserving my goat milk.Image

Cheese making

Traditionally, many versions of farmhouse cheese were made as a way to store the excess milk.  Although I do not have a cellar (yet!),  I was still keen to have a go, and learn a new skill.  Cheese making has proved to be a fairly simple and fun exercise, even though I am self-taught!  I have been working my way through Ricki Carroll’s, ‘Home Cheesemaking’ book.   Some of the recipes are quite fiddly with lots of steps, and I have a bad habit of not reading them through first up, only to find I am tied to the kitchen for a whole day, eg Traditional Cheddar.  I also failed to read properly, the curing time with the parmesan, and was horrified it would be 10 months before I could even taste it!  That aside, I believe this to be a rewarding and satisfying way to use the milk from my gorgeous girls, respectfully and thoughtfully.  There have been a few failures, a few wins and the remainder – well we cannot even try these until the curing time is up. 😮 I am not known for my patience! 😛


the first 3 cheddars in the ‘cheese cave’

It has been nearly a month since the Farmhouse Cheddar was waxed!  We get to taste test it next week!!  The traditional cheddar and kefir cheddar need another 2 months in the cave.  These are only a few of the cheeses I have made in the past few weeks.  I will be reporting on each one in turn as we eat them 🙂


feta in oil

This feta is the best thing I have ever tasted! (well almost lol)  My second batch failed and I fed it to the pigs.  I will definitely be making this on a regular basis – so good!  It is also a fresh cheese – so waiting time between making and eating is minimal! 🙂