I made two Coulommiers Cheeses early in April.  I became a bit worried about this one, pictured, as the mould was taking on some interesting hues!  I decided I would eat this cheese before it had fully matured, just in case there was a problem with the mould.  As it turns out, after reading up on Coulommiers Cheese, it often takes on a brownish/red mould, so I probably needn’t have worried.  I am so glad I did crack it open, however.  It is delicious!  The cheese is still firm, due to its lack of maturity, but it is silky smooth, with hints of mould.  I have now wrapped version 2, to enable it to mature for the requisite 4-6 weeks.  I am excited to compare notes on the texture and flavour of both versions.  This cheese, pronounced Coo-lum-yay, is similar to a Brie.  I love soft smelly cheese! 🙂