I have so many birds.  From chooks, to turkeys and ducks and guinea fowl.  I really had no idea of numbers or breeds, as it has never seemed terribly important, so long as everyone looked healthy and happy.  We let our chickens out around 2pm each day, well after they would have laid their eggs for the day.  This way they lay in the nest boxes provided, rather than in obscure locations around the farm, which while it can be fun to go egg hunting, is not really useful for quick egg gathering!  One windy day I went to shut the pen that evening, only to find the gate  had already blown shut sometime during the day.  This meant that most of the chickens had not managed to return to their pen before dark, in order to be shut up safely from predators.  I spent the next hour trying to locate my chickens, in the dark, to return them to the safety of their pen.  Unfortunately, as I had no idea how many chickens I actually owned, it was impossible for me to ensure that I had found them all!  I counted 44 that evening, but today decided to do a check of all my birds, both in terms of number as well as breed.  Here is what I discovered.



6 Buff Cochin X

2 Speckled Sussex

1 Silkie

2 Bantam Xbreds

3 Rhode Island Red

4 Aracauna – black

1 Aracauna X Indian Game

3 Indian Game

3 Indian Game X Silver Grey Dorking

2 Silver Grey Dorking X Cochin

17 Silver Grey Dorking

1 Silver Laced Wyndotte



3 Silver Grey Dorking

3 Brahma X

4 Rhode Island Red

2 crossbred



9 Muscovies

11 Aylesburies

3 Indian Runner X

1 Khaki Campbell

1 Khaki Campbell X



2 hens and 2 Toms


Guinea Fowl

4 lavender

5 brown


That is a Grand Total of 95 birds.  I also have another setting of chicken eggs in the incubator, so this number will increase shortly.  Remember, we breed these birds for the table, as well as for their laying abilities, so numbers are constantly fluctuating.

Mostly Silver Grey Dorkings in this picture.  They are a rare breed and so great to breed, as the females are grey with a brown breast, while the males have a black breast and white feathers above ( see rooster back left).

Speckled Sussex are another rare breed, and so pretty.  I would like to source more of these 🙂