This is haloumi, which I grilled in the pan.  I love haloumi.  It is a salty, firm cheese which can be grilled in this way and then added to salads and so on.  I made the haloumi a couple of months ago.  It keeps well in the brine, although can be a tad salty.  The trick is to use it as a condiment in salads and even on pizza, which I will be doing tonight.  Due to our dietary restrictions I will be making meatza, which is a GAPS  friendly version of pizza.  The capsicums are freshly picked from the garden and will also make a nice pizza topping 🙂

To make meatza :

Meatza base

I whizz about 1kg of mince in the food processor.  Any meat will do.  Tonight I am using beef, but I often use pork.  Add 2-4 eggs and a bit of salt and keep whizzing until sticky.  Spread the meat paste onto greased trays and bake in a very hot oven until the base has shrunk and looks cooked.  At this point I drain any juices off and pop back into the oven until well done as I like my base quite firm.


Toppings can include whatever you like.  Slather on some tomato paste or sauce first and then throw on anything you happen to have! 🙂  I will be using our home-made salami, onions, olives, maybe some capers, capsicum and some of my home made cheese.  I like a combination of cheddar and feta.  I will slice up the haloumi and add that and as I haven’t any cheddar open, will use the Manchego I cracked the other day 🙂

Place it all on and either cook under the grill or put back in the oven until the cheese is nice and brown and melted.

Here is a photo of some meatza made previously.