It’s Winter here in the North-east, well and truly.  The Solstice came and went and took the sunshine with it!  Although the days are lengthening, it is also getting colder.  This is fabulous news, because we have something very special hanging in our shed! 🙂

For once, we managed to get our salami made on the June long weekend, which is a very traditional time for salamis to be made.  This means we will have a nice long curing time, unlike other years when things have been quite rushed!

We made 20kgs of salami.  Naturally we used our own home grown,  free range, heritage breed pork.  We used shoulder meat this year, but have used a combination of shoulder and leg meat in previous years.  This mix was approximately 7/8 meat to 1/8 additional fat.  We like to add 25g of salt per kilo of meat and fat, but others use less.  That’s basically it, but of  course one can add any manner of herbs, spices and condiments to the mix.  We kept it simple and added black pepper, plus 500g of capsicum sauce per 10kg, but the addition of wine, fennel, peppercorns has occurred in the past!

ImageCutting up the pork

Mincing the pork

We add the salt, pepper and capsicum sauce and mix it in before adding the fat



Soaking the skins

Stuffing the skins – we have used beef middles, plus a few hog skins for cabana

Imagetying the salami, ready for hanging

A string of cabana

Salami 2008 & 2009 vintage