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It’s update time!

We have been downsizing the pig population on the farm with Prince, Penelope and Pitu all moving out.  It was a sad day when we farewelled these three.  You can see them here, when I introduced our herd to you.

Our goats, Violet and Rosa Lee, have also moved onto new pastures, while the addition of a new buck, Astro boy has occurred! 🙂


Astro came from the Collingwood Children’s Farm, in Melbourne, where we sell our pork on a monthly basis.  He is an anglo nubian and just gorgeous.  Don’t you love his ears? 🙂  He is only about 6 months old, so won’t be working just yet.  I don’t actually have any does I need to service this year, since I lost my beautiful Opal, so he is just hanging out with the wethers Milo and Bellamy.

I mentioned kinesiology, well, let me tell you, it is fantastic for the animals!!  I have not told you that I am almost qualified in this modality.  Yep, that’s what I have been doing since my last post in 2012, studying my little heart out!!  I love it!  How is it good for our precious farm creatures?  Well, just on a basic level, I can work out what an animal might require.  Judith our goat had started to get a coppery look to her otherwise black coat.  Now, as a farmer, I know that this usually mean a copper deficiency, but to check I used some kinesiology techniques to determine she required copper PLUS Vitamin B!  Now I didn’t go into an entire balance (kinesiology session) with her, but this gave me a quick guideline as to how to adjust her feed ration.  Sure enough a couple of months later, her coat is perfectly black again! Amazing! 🙂  Another example, I had a couple of crook chooks.  I was able to ascertain that one needed worming and the other had an infection, so required anti-biotics.  Kinesiology does not diagnose, nor does it treat, but we can ask the body what it needs.  Now, of course, as a farmer I know that with chooks it’s usually either a worm burden or an infection, but this way I was able to pinpoint the exact requirements of the individual animal, and administer the minimum medication required, rather than blindly over-dosing.


That sounds very dramatic, doesn’t it?  Well, I believe it to be true! I discussed in an earlier post about my health issues, primarily with adrenal fatigue.  As a last resort I had begun the GAPS protocol, which, although did assist me to feel slightly better, did not resolve my issues.  In fact, I think GAPS exacerbated some of them.  The main issue with GAPS, for me, was that it caused me to restrict calories.  This is not the purpose of GAPS.  GAPS is designed to heal and seal the gut, and I believe it achieved this for me;  I suspect I was on this regime for too long.  Anyway, after years of restricting calories, not always by choice, I have a low appetite anyway, my metabolism has been damaged.

So back to kinesiology. What the heck is it?  Kinesiology is a natural health modality that can basically address any issue at all.  Any issue!!  Imagine your brain is a computer, and it send messages to the body.  The messages tell the body to run the programs, such as digesting food, lifting weights at the gym, running fast, hormonal responses etc.  Sometimes, these messages might become blocked, go haywire, or a fuse gets blown, so the message can’t get through.  In kinesiology we go in and find the blown fuse, blockage or bad wiring, and either replace the fuse, clear the blockage, or even, do some re-wiring.  Does that make sense?  Causes of blown fuses, and so on, are multitudinal; stress, trauma, injury, and more, can all create these issues.