Mojo is my scared boy.  He has been with me for around 10 years, and yep we still haven’t got it right!!  He knows I am a safe place; he just can’t get past his fear and come to me.  I had to use pressure to keep him out of the corners this afternoon.  He wasn’t really paying attention, just wanting to escape and get to the other horses.  After a while he was going around me quite nicely, a bit closer than I would want, although better than trying to get away.  He looked like he wanted to come in a couple of times, so I asked.  After a while he relaxed and I was able to walk parallel and ask him to come in, then I crossed his midline and he followed me.  I made a happy memory and realised he actually already has that with me.  He has shown that he is a real smoocher and when he allows himself, loves cuddles.  What a great day.  Life changing!



This morning I spent half an hour with Mojo.  I was able to get him to listen and keep out of the corners.  We worked in the large paddock, completely at liberty.  He had plenty of room to move away from me and he utilised the entire space.  In a smaller area, Mojo is more keen to come in to safety, reminiscent of horsemanship training with ropes and a stick.  In the large space he is more empowered and also unlikely to come in, at all, even when I ask.  At the end of our time, I chose to go to Mojo.  He was happy with this, and I created a happy memory.  This is a horse I cannot catch in the paddock, so to be able to walk straight up to him, he being relaxed, is a great milestone!