That sounds very dramatic, doesn’t it?  Well, I believe it to be true! I discussed in an earlier post about my health issues, primarily with adrenal fatigue.  As a last resort I had begun the GAPS protocol, which, although did assist me to feel slightly better, did not resolve my issues.  In fact, I think GAPS exacerbated some of them.  The main issue with GAPS, for me, was that it caused me to restrict calories.  This is not the purpose of GAPS.  GAPS is designed to heal and seal the gut, and I believe it achieved this for me;  I suspect I was on this regime for too long.  Anyway, after years of restricting calories, not always by choice, I have a low appetite anyway, my metabolism has been damaged.

So back to kinesiology. What the heck is it?  Kinesiology is a natural health modality that can basically address any issue at all.  Any issue!!  Imagine your brain is a computer, and it send messages to the body.  The messages tell the body to run the programs, such as digesting food, lifting weights at the gym, running fast, hormonal responses etc.  Sometimes, these messages might become blocked, go haywire, or a fuse gets blown, so the message can’t get through.  In kinesiology we go in and find the blown fuse, blockage or bad wiring, and either replace the fuse, clear the blockage, or even, do some re-wiring.  Does that make sense?  Causes of blown fuses, and so on, are multitudinal; stress, trauma, injury, and more, can all create these issues.